Vintage Southern Electric Trains Dvd




Looking back at early electric multiple units using a wide range of footage some dating back as early as 1930s.

We discover and see the history of early electrified lines and also stock which was to operate them.

Many scenes following include the 1937 inauguration of electric services to Portsmouth.

Problems faced with result of heavy snowfall during 1947 that meant many of the services had to have a steam engine attached to haul the services.

See the construction of four COR electric multiple units in 1934 at Lancing Works with bodywork being completed at Eastleigh Works.

Further features include 1950s scenes at London Waterloo.

Electric multiple units working on a line that now forms part of Croydon Tramlink.

As well as a cab ride along part of the former Crystal Palace High Level Branch.

Plus double decker units running in and out of London Charing Cross.

Electric locomotives are shown working boat trains in and out of Newhaven.

Including a special feature of the Brighton Belle such as a cab ride along parts of the route, plus the last day of service on 30th April 1972.

The programme ends with preservation era where three carriages of four COR unit 3142 are joined with 4 CEP 7105, 2 EPB 5759 and Motor Luggage Vans 68001 and 68002 are based at East Kent Railway.

A selection of quality film from many sources.

Featuring: Green Southern Railway trains, HALs, BILs, 4 CORs etc, they are all here.

Let’s go back to the 1930’s and see an old signal box, plus 4 CORs being constructed at Lancing and Eastleigh.

Brief cab rides in 1934.

Inauguration service to Portsmouth in 1937.

Trains in the snow in 1947.

Double deckers, electric locos, 20001 and class 71s on the Newhaven boat trains.

Watch the green Southern HAL’s and BIL’s with others.

Class 71 electric locomotives.

Other trains in the south – Oerlikon from Euston.

Enjoy a journey on the Eastern region at Ilford, vintage underground and the bad weather of 1947.

Big feature on the Brighton Belle.

Samples of vintage underground stock, including lines of withdrawn Metropolitan locos.

Electric traction in preservation at the East Kent Railway.

Produced 2007.

Approx. 68 minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of Online Video.