PCC Parade Dvd




Trams around the World.

Footage on this DVD shows Concutti Street Railway which was the last north American City with double overhead wires as well St Louis in both the first and last year of operation.

We visit Dallas, San Francisco, Johnstown and Montreal among other places.

Cars include original and second hand, Iron Monsters and Golden Chariots among others.

We take more look at the history of the PCC cars and also look at what has happened to them today.

The second in a series of programmes assembled to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of America’s much-admired revolutionary streamliner – the PCC (Presidents’ Conference Committee).

Production of the PCC extended from 1936-1952 with some 5,000 being built.

PCCs and other car types are featured in:

Cincinnati – Twin trolleys.

St. Louis – The first year and last day.

On the Pacific Electric – 5000 in war-time garb and MU operation.

Kansas City – The West Bottoms elevated and freight locos.

Montreal – Golden chariots.

Dallas – With inter-urbans on Trinity River Viaduct.

Cleveland – With Witts and Articulateds.

Twin Cities – On the inter-urban.

Birmingham – Plus Birney.

Detroit – Great action including the last day.

Johnstown – Comprehensive coverage.

Shaker Heights – Original and second-hand cars.

San Francisco – Magic Carpets when new and Iron Monsters.

Illinois Terminal – Subway and viaduct shots.

Approx. 90 minutes.

This new dvd is being sold with full permission of Heritage in Motion.