German Railways Dvd




German Railways Dvd, Part 1 – Steam in East & West Germany 1969-1971.

Steam traction on the railway network through Germany between 1969 and 1971.

Featuring both the Federal and former Democratic Republics of Germany.

West German DB types, all with their post 1968 numbers, include 0110 and 44, both in their coal and oil burning guises, 23, 38 (P8), 41 O1. 55 (G8), 64 and 78 (T18).

Trains are shown at Aachen, Aalen, Tubingen, Heilbronn, Munster, Rheine, Lingen, Salzbergen, along the Mosel Valley, Bebra and the Rheine-Emden line.

East German DR types, all with their post 1970 numbers, include 015, 41, 44, 6510, 58 (G12), 86 and 95 (T20).

In the DDR Sallfeld, Gera, Neustadt (Orla), Aue, and Barenstein are visited and there are plenty of lineside sequences on the Gera and Leipzig lines from Sallfeld and elsewhere.

The narrow-gauge Cranzahl-Kurort Oberwiesenthal and Wolkenstein-Johstadt lines are visited and trains are also chased by car.

The former features the Neubau 2-10-2s and the latter the famous IVK Meyer compounds.

Action starts of in Aachen with majority of the action being provided with 055 class locomotives.

Onto Aalen and Heilbronn where a numerous difference of locomotive classes work in everyday use.

Action follows in Munster involving the mighty and powerful 012 class locomotives working both passenger and freight trains.

Further action is shown along the Mosel Valley and at Bebra.

Steam is shown on the Rheine to Emden line and at other locations such as Saalfield, Gera, Neustradt, Aue and Barenstein.

Other featured steam traction includes narrow gauge working between Cranzahl and Kurort

Oberwiesenthal as well as between Wolkenstein and Johstradt.

Approx. 45 minutes.

This new dvd is being sold with full permission of Heritage in Motion.