London Buses Remembered Dvd




General Green Line London Transport.

London has been served by its buses in several forms since 1829 and this programme shows many of the buses served from 1930s onwards.

Footage from during the Second World War shows buses which had to have head lamps blanked off and with mudguards painted white.

Also featuring the famous singer Cliff Richard learning to drive a bus at Chiswick depot in readiness for the filming of his film Summer Holiday.

In 1979 London buses celebrated 150 years of service with a parade in Hyde Park.

It was also the same year in which saw the end of the RT’s.

Routemasters are also seen before being taken out of service and replaced by buses with one man operation in 1980s.

Some of the famous buses are also seen preserved in East Anglia and in London.

For over 150 years they have served the capital well.

The familiar red bus glides through the City streets serving London.

In this programme we take a look at some of the buses which London has seen, through a series of films made by various producers.

1930s home movies show buses from that period.

A Wartime film shows them preparing for the ‘Blitz’ to come – white edged mudguards and blanked off headlamps.

The electric trolleybus played an important role too.

Firstly we have a study of Route 666 to Edgeware and scrapping scenes behind Colindale Garage.

Then a long report of them in service in the Wood Green area of London.

The Didler appears in an open display.

Buses in films often get quite mixed up.

Cliff Richard learns to drive an old RT at Chiswick works.

At a film studio several RTs are taking part in a big street scene in which one is set alight in an air raid.

An ST was used for a vintage bus, tourist service in the West End for a few years in the early 1970s, we follow it around on its ride.

An Easter Parade in Battersea Park has a fine selection of buses passing by.

Then in 1979, Londoners celebrated the 150th anniversary of buses in the Capital in a special parade to Hyde Park.

They are all there from Shillingbeer to the new D.M.S.

Also in 1979 came the end of the RT bus.

After a general study of them in the suburbs, we go over to Barking Garage for the very last run in service with a convoy of six RT’s – aboard is the Mayor and the designer.

Many RT’s were bought by staff for special runs.

We follow a green RT to Paris and meet up with other London buses in a museum there.

The Routemasters are now leaving the City.

At Edgware the last day of service is seen before changeover to one man operated buses.

At nearby Aldenham works – in the last week of operation – the new privatised buses receive a check over.

Later the famous parade of RMA’s takes place as they did every day taking staff home.

Some have the new Grey Livery.

Finally a look at some of the variations of buses now serving London.

Approx. 57 minutes.

This new dvd is being sold with full permission of Heritage in Motion.