Cinemas We Know Dvd




Following of from our first dvd ‘Cinemas We Loved’ we present the second production on them.

As before it has very many cinemas and theatres filmed from forty years ago on-wards.

We start with cinemas you can eat and drink in (thanks to Wetherspoons) Colchester, Opera House – Tunbridge Wells.

‘Oxford’- Whitstable, Canterbury, Forest Row and Two of Pykes originals Shepherds Bush and Charing Cross Road.

What happened to all the Gaumonts?

We take study of them now.

Hammersmith, The ‘Pavilion’ Shepherds Bush, Gaumont-State Kilburn and Rayners Lane (on an ‘Open Door’ W/E), New Cross Camden Town, Holloway, Finsbury Park ‘Rink’, Stepney ‘Troxy’ and older houses run by Gaumont in London.

Then Streatham leads to tour of that area, Balham ‘Odeon’, Clapham, Peckham ‘Tower’, Tooting, the fabulous Granada.

East End Tour, Hoxton including old music halls, North London, Alexandra Palace, Odeon Muswell Hill (CTA visit), Odeon Finsbury Park ‘Astoria’ briefly.

Imax Projection Department.

A visit to the ‘Cinema Museum’ a collection of cinema relics, posters bill-boards and a bazaar with visiting film actors.

Finally the Centenaries: ‘Phoenix’ Finchley, ‘Carlton’ Westgate (Margate) and the ‘Electric Palace’ in Harwich which had a hand-turned projector giving a silent film show skilfully cranked by Dave Cleveland (made by Gaumont, Paris!).

This programme has very many other scenes too many to list here.

Approx. 82 minutes.

This new dvd is being sold with full permission of Heritage in Motion.