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100 Years of Garratts Dvd




A look at the UK built Garrett locomotives that were widely used abroad.

We start the DVD having a look at Liverpool Docks with locomotives being loaded onto a cargo ship for export to Rhodesia.

Next are scenes from Spain dating 1975 where redundant locomotives are awaiting scrap.

A visit to 3’6” gauge line in 1976 just north of Durban, South Africa, Garretts are shown shunting the goods yard.

Action on the 2’ narrow gauge lines at Uzminto and Glenrosa.

This is followed by main line action at Port Elizabeth and shunting at the nearby docks.

A look around the sheds at Oudtshoorn shows locomotives awaiting next duties.

As well as Garretts working hard on steep and bendy Montesque Pas on the approach to Oudtshoorn.

At Graff Reinet, Garrett locomotives are being prepared for duty under the coal loading plant.

A visit to De Aar shows locomotives on shed followed by a journey onwards to Kimberley, Beaconsfield and Kraankuil.

Leaving South Africa we see scenes filmed during 1975 in parts of 3’6” gauge network of Rhodesia, firstly at Bullamayo.

Garretts are first shown shunting the yard plus we have a look around the shed where some are awaiting further duties.

Next is Balla Balla where again the locomotives are shown working the yard.

We then follow a Garrett locomotive working a freight train between Balla Balla and Bullamayo.

A visit is made to narrow gauge line of Shumba as well as scenes passing through the National Park at Wankie and nearby

Wankie Colliery before finishing off with scenes around Victoria Falls.

With other steam locomotives in South Africa and Rhodesia in 1975.

Shot on high quality 16mm colour film with authentic sound.

The programme starts with Garratts being exported from England in the 1950s.

Then we take a look at the abandoned locomotives in Spain.

We see South African locos condensing, NGGs and many other classes.

In Rhodesia the massive Garratts dwarf all the other engines seen, from colliery locos to pleasure lines.

At Victoria Falls there is a big study of Garratts shunting.

We see the daily goods train pushing trucks and wagons halfway across the bridge, ready for a Zambian loco to pick up.

Dodging the attacks on tourists our team gingerly moved from area to area such as the Wankie Colliery complex with its ex South African locos.

With elephants and monkeys thrown in to make a wonderful backdrop!

Approx. 65 minutes.

This new dvd is being sold with full permission of Heritage in Motion.