PCC Cars Dvd




Trams around the World.

PCC tram production in USA went from 1936 to 1952 with approximately 5,000 being made.

The oldest tram known to be in regular use is in Boston.

Trams in Chicago, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Vancouver are all shown such as Green Hornet, Car 1000, Pink Lady and footage of Blue Streak and United Traction 301 which is rare unseen footage.

We look at how the livery and styles has changes through the years between different states.

Featuring the 4500 Toronto specials which still run to this day.

Follow the PCC tram car history on this DVD both on overhead wires and electric tracks, some single ended and others double ended.

The first in a series of DVDs devoted to the American (PCC Presidents’ Conference Committee) and North American trolley systems, on the anniversary of its sixty years in service.

This programme traces the history of the streetcar in the USA up to and including the advent of the sleek, silent streamliner.

Also detailed coverage of Brooklyn, Chicago, Baltimore, San Diego, El Paso, Los Angeles and Vancouver.

Production of the PCC extended from 1936 until 1952, with some 5000 examples built.

Special features:

Brooklyn – Detailed coverage (mostly in colour), including The Pink Lady and Car 1000.

Chicago – Including 1934 scenes of 7001, 1944 livery experiments and Blue Geese/Green Hornets.

Baltimore – Including Sparrow’s Point and the final days.

San Diego/El Paso – Including the reverse running to the depot.

Los Angeles – Showing P1’s and War Babies in 2-tone yellow.

Rare footage:

Detroit’s Blue Streak and United Traction 301.


Witts and a host more stunning scenes of US traction.

Approx. 55 minutes.

This new dvd is being sold with full permission of Heritage in Motion.