London’s Lost Stations Dvd




A remarkable collection of films made by leading railway enthusiasts shows smoky steam engines under sooty Victorian arches, abandoned stations and shunting in leafy suburbia.

Showing stations in London which have either disappeared or rebuilt such as Euston Arch before it was demolished in 1962 and the station rebuilt.

The great arch at Euston and the stations itself being rebuilt.

Stations and lines seen are: Down the line we see Stanmore Village and Belmont’s last train.

A look at Cannon Street with war damaged roof and how the station looks now.

Damaged by bombing is Blackfriars before and after bombing footage is shown.

In the City now and the very first ‘Tube’ station of 1890, King William’s Street, this interesting relic contains tunnels still in a war time state.

Just about underground, the old platforms at Wood Lane station, plus posters from 1947 still readable.

Trams ran underground too and a visit is made to the Holborn station in the subway at Kingsway.

Snow Hill station last saw passengers in 1916.

In 1985 you could see old signals and platforms.

Steam trains at Farringdon and Moorgate come next, on the ‘Widened Lines’.

At Kings Cross, the N2s struggle up the incline on their way to the ‘Northern Heights’.

The ‘New Works’ plan of 1935 leads us to Highgate Station and Alexandra Palace in steam days and the last trains there in 1952.

The story of what happened to the plan is told with pictures of the relevant locations including Edgware G.N. Station remains and the new Aldenham Works.

1938 stock Northern line trains appear at Finchley Central (filmed in 1970).

Steam locomotives working in 1952 from Watford plus shunting at Stanmore goods yard whilst diesels on express trains have been included.

East London is not forgotten.

After steam trains at Fenchurch Street, a tour through derelict stations in the East End en-route to Bow Road, Stepney East, Stratford Market and Poplar.

Rare pictures of the Midland’s Bel No.1, a battery powered shunter alongside West India Dock.

Bank Signal Box.

Also a North London 0-6-0T and a Jinty at Millwall Junction.

The Southern Region.

The Woodside to Sanderstead line just prior to closure.

Also Eltham Park.

The branch to Crystal Palace High level is seen next, still running electric trains.

Stations at Lordship Lane, Upper Sydenham and the ghostly terminus itself.

Rare views of a rail tour at Morton Abbey Station.

Former underground subways which were used as shelters during the war.

Underground stations include Holborn and Snow Hill.

Back to closed underground stations: the story of the Aldwych branch is told, full coverage of the train services and why the line had to close.

Cab rides, special trains and the last night is seen.

A disused tube station only recently opened to visits, Down Street, on the Piccadilly line.

Closed in 1932 – it was used as a temporary war cabinet headquarters when the Second World War started.

With many more sequences included, this is a fascinating programme.

With no boring interviews and almost no photos, it is bound to entertain you.

Produced 2004.

Approx. 57 minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of Online Video.