Green Goddess on Tour Dvd




Covering a rail tour from 2005 known as the Lydd Ranger with preserved narrow bodied Thumper 1001 known commonly as Green Goddess.

Starting with the unit at St Leonards Depot which is where the unit is stored and maintained.

Then we see the unit as a three-car formation on normal passenger duties between Ashford International and Hastings covering for unavailable class 171 units.

Followed by rail tour Lydd Ranger which ran on 13th March 2005.

Starting out from Hastings onwards to Tonbridge via Tunbridge Wells where it reversed to travel down the main line to Ashford International before heading on the Marsh Link branch to Appledore and then the freight only Branch to Lydd and Dungeness.

From Dungeness the tour then returned to Appledore and Ashford before heading on a circular tour down the Kent Coast via Canterbury West, Margate and Dover Priory.

Once returned to Ashford International the final part of the return leg of the journey went back to Tonbridge and down the Hastings Line via Tunbridge Wells.

The original narrow bodied ‘Thumper’, DEMU No.1001 visits the long closed Dungeness Branch in Kent.

Then runs to Ashford, Canterbury, Margate and Dover.

The programme also includes a visit to the depot, where today, Hasting’s Diesels Ltd maintain this historical fleet.

This tour, one of several held each year, goes right down to the nuclear flask loading bay at the end the Dungeness branch, then an interesting run around East Kent.

Filmed by three cameramen this programme has a comprehensive coverage of most places visited on 13th March 2005.

The production was made with the co-operation with Hasting’s Diesel’s Ltd.

Approx. 60 minutes.

This new dvd is being sold with full permission of Heritage in Motion.