Transport in Southampton Dvd




Stunning scenes of Southampton trams and buses.

The great liners.

The famous Floating Bridge.

The glory days of steam trains.

The Red Funnell steamers.

The Hythe ferry and pier.

Ships: Many of the greats – Olympic, Berengaria, Homeric, Aquitania, The Queens, Mauretania and Canberra.

Also freighters, tugs, Red Funnel line, hovercraft and a host of majestic foreign vessels.

Trams: Magnificent scenes (earliest 100 years old!) with trips through and around the Bargate.

Rush hour open-toppers at the docks.

A ride from Bassett to Portswood.

Post-war action with the famous domed-roof ‘Bargate’ cars.

The last of the knifeboards.

Views along Route 5 (Shirley – Floating Bridge) in 1949.

Last day activity including the illuminated car in colour.

Those sold to Leeds and those that ‘escaped’.

Buses: Marvel at a locally-built six- wheeler and convoys of Guy Arabs.

Floating Bridge: Steam and diesel – atmospheric scenes at the end (1977).

Railways: Activity in and around the docks.

USA tanks.

Corrall Queen.

Boat trains and Pacifics.

Terminus station.

Hythe Ferry and Pier Tramway: Earliest scenes 1952.

Approx. 75 minutes.

This new dvd is being sold with full permission of Heritage in Motion.