Diesels in & around London Dvd, Part 1: DMUs & HSTs




Looking at diesels working in and around London.

This programme concentrates on passenger train operation as of 2009.

Starting with Southern operations using class 170 and 171 diesel multiple units.

Then South West Trains operating class 159 and 170 diesel multiple units.

Next are Virgin Cross Country and class 220 Virgin Voyager diesel multiple unit workings.

A look at First Great Western operations with class 43 HSTs plus class 180 diesel multiple units.

See class 165 diesel multiple units working Thameslink and Chiltern services.

A look at open access operator Wrexham and Shropshire using class 67 diesel locomotives hauling a rake of mark three carriages to provide passenger trains.

This is followed by a look at Midland Mainline who was to become East Midland Trains operating class 43 HSTs as well as class 222 Meridian diesel multiple units.

Further class 43 HST workings are shown being operated on East Coast Main Line as well as with open access operators Grand Central.

Another of the open access operators features is Hull Trains who use classes 170, 180 and 222 Meridian diesel multiple units.

Class 170 diesel multiple units are also shown being operated on One Railways who were to become National Express East Anglia.

The final operator featured is Silverlink who use class 150 diesel multiple units.

Final features are special hauled rail tours and charters such as:

Class 67 top and tailed Venice Simplon Orient Express.

Class 47 top and tailed Blue Pullman.

Privately charted Hastings Thumper 1001.

Special excursions with preserved class 52 Western diesel hydraulic locomotive D1015 ‘Western Champion’.

Main train operating companies that served London relied on diesel traction as their routes served areas that electrification had yet to reach.

We take a circular tour around London, watching DMUs and HSTs in action.

Featuring passenger operations in and around the capital city, London.

Trains include Southern Railway Class 170s and 171s.

South West Trains Class 159s and 170s.

First Great Westerns HSTs and Thames Turbos out of Paddington.

We look at diesel services on the Chiltern, Midland and East Coast main lines.

We see the open access operators including Wrexham and Shropshire, Grand Central and Hull trains.

One Railway Class 170s and Silverlink Class 150s also feature.

Finally we take a short look at some special charters that have passed through London in the last couple of years including the Orient Express, Blue Pullman, Hastings DEMU 1001 and finally D1015 Western Champion.

Also in this programme are HSTs operated by numerous operating train companies.

Some of the locations featured include London Bridge, East Croydon and Paddington.

For added interest rail tours around the area are also featured.

Produced 2009.

Approx. 61 minutes.

This new dvd is being sold with full permission of Heritage in Motion incorporating A&J Video.