A Decade of Steam DVD: North Yorkshire Moors Railway 2009-2019




Sit back and re-live the last decade at the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, this four-disc DVD features over five hours of action including over forty-five steam locomotives.

The North Yorkshire Moors Railway was first opened in 1836 as the Whitby and Pickering Railway.

Planned by George Stephenson as a means of opening up trade routes inland from the then important seaport of Whitby.

Today, the railway still operates from Pickering to Whitby, passing through the picturesque North Yorkshire Moors.

The initial railway was designed and built to be used by horse-drawn carriages, steam engines soon took over in 1845 due to the popularity of the line.

Steam locomotives struggled to operate on the Beck Hole incline, so in the early 1860s the North Eastern Railway started construction of an alternative route which opened in 1865.

Still in operation today, the four-mile 1 in 49 gradient from Grosmont to Goathland is a challenge for locomotive crews.

In 1963 the famous Dr Beeching report declared that the railway was to close, the final passenger services travelled over the railway in 1965.

A preservation group was formed in 1967 to save the railway and due to their success, the first passenger services travelled to Pickering once again in 1975.

The North Yorkshire Moors Railway currently runs for a total distance of eighteen miles from Pickering to Grosmont, with some services travelling a further six miles to Whitby.

Alongside the challenging gradients, the NYMR travels through the North Yorkshire Moors National Park offering passengers stunning views.

Yearly Highlights:

2009: Saw the first visit from newly built LNER A1 No.60163 ‘Tornado’, which was the star guest at the Spring Steam Gala. Held across two weekends, the event saw huge crowds visit the railway to catch a glimpse of the first newly built steam locomotive since the end of steam.

2010: The spring of 2010 saw NYMR services diverted via the Esk Valley line to Battersby whilst Bridge 30, near Goathland was replaced. SR ‘Schools’ No.30926 ‘Repton’ is seen at various locations between Whitby and Battersby. 2010 saw visiting engines LNER A4 No.60019 ‘Bittern’, GNR N2 No.1744, LNER K1 No.62005, SR BB No.34070 ‘Manston’, LNER J72 No.69023 ‘Joem’ and LNER A1 No.60163 ‘Tornado’. A photo charter is included with BR 9F No.92214 and LMS 5MT No.45428 during October 2010.

2011: Marked the 175th anniversary since the opening of the Whitby to Pickering railway, throughout the year a variety of events were held to celebrate the occasion. The Spring Steam Gala featured visiting engines BR 8P No.71000 ‘Duke of Gloucester’ and BR 4MT No.80072, which was re-numbered to represent classmates from Whitby shed. Photo charters are included from both the spring and autumn including BR 4MT No.80072, LNER J72 No.69023 ‘Joem’ and GWR 78xx No.7822 ‘Foxcote Manor’.

2012: Was kick-started with resident BR 4MT No.75029 returning to traffic after overhaul at Grosmont. The Spring Steam Gala featured visiting engines BR 7MT No.70000 ‘Britannia’ and LNER A4 No.4464 ‘Bittern’, now running in LNER Garter Blue. Photo charters are featured from the spring and autumn including SR S15 No.825 and BR 4MT No.75029.

2013: Saw the return to steam of LNER B1 No.61264 and Lambton Tank No.29, the Spring Steam Gala featured LNER B1 No.1306 ‘Mayflower’, the only other surviving LNER B1. The 2013 season also featured visiting engine USATC S160 No.6046 which headlined at the autumn steam gala.

2014: The 2014 Autumn Steam Gala featured visiting engines GWR 28xx No.2807 and GWR No.5029 ‘Nunney Castle’. Photo charters are included from the autumn and winter featuring GWR 28xx No.2807 and 0-6-0ST WD132 ‘Sapper’.

2015: Sole surviving LNER K4 No.61994 arrived at the railway and hauled services throughout 2015, the autumn steam gala featured visiting engines SR WC No.34092 ‘City Of Wells’ and SR U Class No.31806. Photo charters are featured from the spring and autumn including BR 4MT No.76079 and SR U Class No.31806.

2016: Included a headline visit from freshly overhauled LNER A3 No.60103 ‘Flying Scotsman’, making one of its first heritage railway appearances since returning to steam. 2016 also saw visiting engines BR 4MT No.76084 and GWR 78xx No.7822 ‘Foxcote Manor’ visit for the autumn steam gala. Photo charters are featuring from the spring and autumn including BR 4MT No.76079, LMS 5MT No.45428 ‘Eric Treacy’ and BR 4MT No.76084.

2017: LMS 7P No.46100 ‘Royal Scot’ opened the 2017 season, making its first visit to the railway for a weeklong event. The autumn steam gala featured visiting tank engines GWR 57xx No.7714 and GWR 51xx No.5199. A photo charter is featured with GWR 51xx No.5199.

2018: Saw both LMS 5MT No.45428 ‘Eric Treacy’ and LNER B1 No.61264 return to pre-BR liveries. The railway welcomed the return of LNER J27 No.65894 which is also featured on a photo charter.

2019: Included one of the biggest autumn steam gala’s the railway has hosted, visiting engines for the event included GWR No.6023 ‘King Edward II’, GWR No.6990 ‘Witherslack Hall’, LNER K1 No.62005, LNER A4 No.60009 ‘Union Of South Africa’ and USATC S160 No.2253.

Over 45 steam locomotives are featured, these include:

• LNER A1 No.60163 ‘Tornado’
• LNER A3 No.60103 ‘Flying Scotsman’
• LNER A4 No.60007 ‘Sir Nigel Gresley’
• LNER A4 No.60009 ‘Union of South Africa’
• LNER B1 No.61264
• LNER B1 No.61306 ‘Mayflower’
• LNER Q6 No.63395
• LNER J27 No.65894
• LNER J72 No.69023 ‘Joem’
• LNER K1 No.62005
• LNER K4 No.61994 ‘The Great Marquess’
• LNER N2 No.1744
• LMS 5MT No.44767 ‘George Stephenson’
• LMS 5MT No.44806
• LMS 5MT No.44871
• LMS 5MT No.45212
• LMS 5MT No.45407 ‘The Lancashire Fusilier’
• LMS 5MT No.45428 ‘Eric Treacy’
• LMS 7P No.46100 ‘Royal Scot’
• LMS 7F No.53809
• LMS 7F No.49395
• GWR 15xx No.1501
• GWR 28xx No.2807
• GWR 51xx No.5199
• GWR 56xx No.6619
• GWR 57xx No.7714
• GWR 78xx No.7822 ‘Foxcote Manor’
• GWR No.6990 ‘Witherslack Hall’
• GWR No.6023 ‘King Edward II’
• GWR No.5029 ‘Nunney Castle’
• BR 4MT No.75029 ‘The Green Knight’
• BR 4MT No.76079
• BR 4MT No.76084
• BR 4MT No.80072
• BR 4MT No.80136
• BR 7MT No.70000 ‘Britannia’
• BR 8P No.71000 ‘Duke Of Gloucester’
• BR 9F No.92214
• SR 5P No.30926 ‘Repton’
• SR S15 No.825
• SR U Class No.31806
• SR BB No.34070 ‘Manston’
• SR WC No.34092 ‘City of Wells’
• USATC S160 No.2253
• USATC S160 No.6046
• Lambton Tank No.29
• 0-6-0ST WD132 ‘Sapper’
• Plus others too.

The DVD features no commentary, allowing you to fully appreciate the sound of the steam locomotives working hard.

Short titles are included throughout informing you of the locomotive and location.

On 4 discs.

Approx. 354 minutes (4 discs)

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – Steaming Around Yorkshire Film Productions – SAY.