The Bristol Britannia Story DVD




The full story of arguably the most successful aeroplane ever to be produced in Bristol.

In July 1948 the Ministry of Supply submitted an order for three Bristol 175 type aircraft, following ideas developed by the Brabazon committee.

‘Brabazon III’ ran in parallel with the ill-fated Brabazon project and eventually became known as Britannia.

Its development was riddled with setbacks, as two aircraft were lost in test flights, and there were technical problems with the Bristol Proteus engines.

The Filton workforce overcame these hurdles and the Britannia became the first aircraft to carry 100 passengers non-stop both ways across the Atlantic.

The story is enhanced by the memories of test pilots Walter Gibb and Godfrey Auty, together with recollections of key personnel who helped to design and build the Britannia.

Extensive archive film, illustrating Britannia’s promotional tours of the 1950s, and remarkable photographs provide a stunning visual backdrop to this fascinating documentary.

Approx. 79 minutes.

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