Concorde Dvd: The People’s Aircraft




The Concorde fleet has now been grounded, but there is still enormous interest in the aircraft, and much for enthusiasts to see, as this souvenir presentation reveals.

It includes a new appraisal of Concorde’s technical advances, with the help of people who contributed to the aircraft’s evolution, such as former Senior Flight Operations Officer Bob Griffin, and former Project Director Dr. Peter Calder O.B.E.

It also features a comprehensive overview of the decommissioning and relocation of Concorde aircraft to museum sites.

You will see where Concorde can now be viewed, and you can re-live the historic journey of GBOAA from Heathrow along the River Thames to its new home at the Museum of Flight in East Lothian.

Concorde 216, the youngest of the fleet, is featured at its new home in Filton, where it is open to public viewing.

Former Senior Flight Operations Officer Bob Griffin conducts a detailed tour of the aircraft, including explanations of main control surfaces and engine intakes.

The ‘Speedbird’ remains close to people’s hearts, and public reaction to the retirement of the fleet is also featured.

Together with a look at the possibility of Concorde returning to the skies with the Save Concorde Group.

An unmissable treat for Concorde fans everywhere!

Approx. 85 minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – 1st Take.