Sunrise Sunset UK Dvd: Part 7, A Day at Stenson Junction




Sunrise Sunset UK Volume 7 – A Day at Stenson Junction

The seventh programme in the Sunrise Sunset UK series spends a day at Stenson Junction.

Sunrise Sunset UK spends a full day at a busy and popular location, recording a typical day of passenger and freight trains.

Filmed on a fine day in July 2017, DB Cargo, Freightliner, Colas Rail Freight, GBRf and DRS freight trains make up the bulk of the programme.

With more than thirty-five freight trains during a typical twenty-four hour period, many coming on and off the freight-only branch.

Plus regular Class 153, 170, 220 and 221 DMUs plus the odd HST, this is a popular railway location.

Stenson Junction is located on the Derby – Birmingham line, five miles south of Derby itself.

Here, the freight-only branch from the Toton/Nottingham direction, at Sheet Stores Junction, joins the mainline and a short distance later comes North Stafford Junction, where the line to Stoke and Crewe diverges.

Highlights include:

59003 on a stone train.

60039, 60063 and 66161 on oil trains.

70010 on containers.

66602 on cement.

66432 on ballast boxes.

DB-liveried 66206 plus 66747 and 66510 on engineers trains.

66041 on a stone train.

56087 on the Boston steel plus light engines 37611, 56096+56105 and 60056.

Two track machines and to complete the scene a few images of Class 153, 170 and Voyager DMUs plus Cross Country HSTs.

Bonus Footage:

As the main programme is 60 minutes, a further 15 minute compilation of Stenson Junction highlights from 2015-2016 are included.

Trains shown are Class 20 LU stock moves, Class 68s, Colas Class 37 IM trains and much more.

Produced by – Train Crazy.

Approx. 75 minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the distributor – Videoscene.