Blackpool Trams Today Dvd




Re-Released – This DVD was originally released on VHS in 2004.

Featuring every Tram in the fleet.

Introduction: From Starr Gate at the southern tip of Blackpool through to Fleetwood in the north, the Blackpool and Fleetwood tramway is the most unique passenger tramway in the world.

With a fleet of eighty trams, most of which are nearly seventy years old, the system carries millions of passengers each year.

Single Deckers: There are a variety of single deck trams ranging from the 1934 built Open Boat cars right through to the modern Centenary cars which operate the winter service.

There are also seven Twin cars which are being painted into bright ‘Metro’ colours.

Special Trams: There are a number of special trams in the fleet including the Ice Cream tram 719, double deck Standard 147 which returned from America after years of storage.

The Illuminated trams including the world famous Western Train and the Vintage trams, some of which are now over a hundred years old and still in regular service.

Double Deckers: The most familiar sight on Blackpool’s promenade are the famous ‘Balloon’ type trams which have been in service since 1934.

A number of these have been painted into special liveries for their 70th anniversary in 2004.

Other cars have been rebuilt over the years into one-man-operated all year round vehicles whilst the current trend is to rebuild them with flat fronts.

Tramway Year: Trams run every day of the year except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day and from a sunny weekend in July, to the depths of winter, Blackpool’s promenade has a tram service.

See some truly stunning footage of trams on the prom in the snow.

Documentary style video – Digital editing – Stereo sound – Narration – On-Screen Captions.

This DVD was originally released on VHS in 2004.

It showed the entire Blackpool tram fleet of about seventy-five trams and the various liveries they carried at this time.

At the end of 2004, twenty-five cars were withdrawn from service and many of these never ran again.

In the years that followed, more were stored and in 2010 all except a handful were sold, stored or scrapped.

With Supertrams taking over in 2012 the Blackpool tram fleet as we have known it for many years is now just a shadow of its former self.

Due to demand this title has been re-released on DVD and what you are about to watch is the original unedited version of the 2004 release.

Although it is still called ‘Blackpool Trams Today’, perhaps it should be ‘Blackpool Trams of Yesterday’ or at least ‘The best of the original fleet’.

Of all the trams you are about to see, only a handful of them still remain in service and many have been rebuilt and/or modernised since this programme was made.

Approx. 65 minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – Train Crazy – Videoscene.