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Steam at the Furrow DVD




Steam at the Furrow – The 7th Steam Plough Club Great Challenge, September 2013.

A programme of ploughing engines, ploughs, commentary and history at Hill Farm, Avon Dassett in September 2013.

This is cable ploughing in action, with engines and ploughs developed in the late 19th Century at work in the 21st Century.

But how did this great gathering of ploughing engines come about?

In 1994 the first ‘Great Challenge’ was held by the Steam Plough Club after a challenge was made by Michael Davies, a member of the club and steam ploughing enthusiast, with the aim of improving the skills and capabilities of the club’s members.

The ploughing match has become a regular event for the club, taking place every three years or so.

As this seventh ‘Great Challenge’ twenty engines took part.

With the exception of a McLaren ploughing engine (one of only two known to survive) all the engines and ploughs came from Fowler’s Steam Plough Works.

Two Fowlers converted to diesel operation participated.

The participants set their engines and ploughs to work the fields the way the tackle was intended, not as a demonstration but to be the best and win the trophy originally presented to Robert Fowler.

Twenty ploughing engines at work on the same farm for a two-day ploughing match.

As well as all of the engines and action the programme also explains what is involved in steam ploughing and also some of the history and development of the engines and ploughs.

With engines dating back to the 1870s, for anyone interested in mobile steam in agriculture this is not to be missed.

Approx. 100 minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – Avalon Video Productions.