The Sentinel Steam Waggons of Shrewsbury Double DVD




Celebrating the 2015 100th Anniversary of the start of sentinel steam waggon production in Shrewsbury.

Two dvds provide over two and a half hours of the story of the Sentinel Steam waggons manufactured/produced in Shrewsbury.

The history of the different types of wagons and how the surviving vehicles are used in the UK today.

Their history and development, with many of the remaining waggons seen on the move at rallies and the 2015 Road Run.

Disc 1: Starting with a brief history and description of what a Sentinel Waggon was and is and the development path, including the differences between the main ‘Types’. Followed by an in depth look at some of the vehicles in use today with those that now own and operate them.

Disc 2: Continues with a look at the waggons as they are demonstrated at various events and rallies both big and small. Particularly at the Shrewsbury Rally and featuring the 2015 Road Run, celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the start of production at the Shrewsbury Works.

Interviews with many of the owners and drivers provide a history of individual vehicles.

Double Disc Programme.

Approx. 155 minutes in total.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – Avalon Video Productions.