Railscene Magazine 23 DVD: Summer 1990





Opening Scene: 46229 at Birkett Common on Friday, 13 April 1990.

Cab Ride – Paddington to Bristol: Along Brunel’s famous ‘billiard table’ route of the original Great Western Main Line, including operating hazards!

DEMU Demise Delayed: Electrification of the Solent routes of NSE should have spelt the end of the DEMUs. They survive and here we see their old and new habitats, including the last ‘Hastings’ unit, 205s and 207s etc.

Forging Forward: The Deeside Extension of the Llangollen Railway, the Northern Extension of the KESR and East Grinstead Extension of the Bluebell.

ARPS 30 – The Talyllyn Railway: Part One – Archive footage of the last working and first preserved days of the preservation pioneer. Part Two – Preparation. On shed at Pendre with No’s 2, 3, 5 and 8, steam and diesel.

Just Another Mayday: The effects on the May timetable changes of 158 delays. 50s in the Thames Valley, 47/7s in Scotland, 101 in Scotland, 86 and 321s in Northampton, 33/1s and TCs, 6 Rep, Orange DMUs in England.

BR Newslines: Channel Tunnel Trials with 83301, 73s on the juice at Botley, green EMU, 91011 and a mouse, Tamworth Castle, Red 47 (official) Penny Black, Railfreight 90, 60s at Loughborough, Corby, from start to finish.

Dart Valley Revival: Enthusiasts have taken over the DVR again! Two Panniers shunt pick-up goods trains at Buckfastleigh.

Preservation News Focus: Freight at Middleton, USA 2-8-0 on Mid-Hants, Pannier at Rothley, WG Railcar at Bewdley, 40 back at East Lancs, padiham opens with Bellerophon, Dinting’s last days, with the Coal Tank KVWR Gala, with Bahamas, K4 and ‘Railway Children’.

Ffestiniog Freight: Prince and the gravity trains …long promised!

Nuclear Traffic (Part One): An explosive feature! We follow 31s with flasks from Llandudno Junction to Trawsfynnedd, up the WCML to Sellafield and view shunting inside the reprocessing plant.

Main Line Steam: 4472’s return, 3442 on the ‘Sir Bob’, 60009 to Aberdeen, 6024 and 5080 at Tyseley on the ‘Shakespeare Express’, 71000’s first two rail tours, 34027 returns to the SVR, 35028 and 44932 to Derby and Sheffield, the ‘Duchess’ returns, 46229 on test and the S&C, 45596 and 777 on the S&C and 46203’s main line debut.

Cover Photo: 71000 Duke of Gloucester at Didcot North Junction of her first rail tour – featured in this programme.

Approximately 120 minutes.