Railscene Magazine 21 DVD: Winter 1989/90





Opening Scene: 5305 on BRs centenary celebration train near Tulloch.

West Highland Steam: A major feature on this year’s steam programme on the Mallaig route, with 3442, 5305 and 44871. Spectacular scenery and steam, with the K4s momentous visit, add up to the best year yet since steam returned. Includes shots of all three engines at Fort William Shed and a lineside journey down the line to Mallaig and back and over Rannock to Tyndrum and Crianlarich.

Archive: 1965 memories, all in colour, at Perth, Glasgow, Ryde, Shanklin and Shrewsbury, with Classes A4, A2, Black 5s, BR 5s, O2, Britannia, etc.

Main Line Steam News: Autumn’s highlights on BRs main lines, with 34027, 5407, 6201, 44932 and 4998.

Down Under: The steam world was turned upside down when we lost ‘Flying Scotsman’ to Oz, but she met ‘Pendennis Castle’ there. These are highlights of their meeting in West Australia.

Deltics: Six of these magnificent machines remain today – we see them all work on the SVR, GCR, Midland Trust and NYMRs.

Cab Ride – Hull to Scarborough: We take a 144 along this coastal line, complete with semaphores and level crossing gates.

West Anglia (Part One) Cambridge Area: N7 at Cambridge, together with lineside views of diversions of 91s, HSTs, 47s, etc. Also a 73 in the Fens, a 56 with 310s, Middleton Towers and so on. A comprehensive review of the West Anglian Scene.

West Anglia (Part Two) King’s Lynn Days: A typical day on this line, soon to be electrified, during the period of electrification. With 20s, 31s, 47s, DMUs, engineers trains, etc.

Preservation News Focus: Progress on the East Lancs, with engineering trains to Rawtenstall, BR Moguls return, SVR diesel gala with D100, K4 on SVR, Prairie on West Somerset, last loco at Barry, Port Line, etc.

Industrial Galas: The Tanfield and Middleton Railways – with quite a variety of small steamers!

The WR Inspection Train: Lineside and on-board views of the Western’s Track Recording Train, from Swindon to Bristol and Salisbury – Fascinating!

BR News Lines: A comprehensive review of all that’s going on today, featuring Sandites, 33s 47s in many colours, VSOE at Ropley, 86s 56s and 20s on the S&C, the first class 158, 91s and Mark 4s and top and tailed Class 60s.

Cover Photo: D9016 Gordon Highlander in Haworth Yard on 5 November 1989 as featured in this programme.

Approximately 120 minutes.