Power of the LMS Jubilees DVD




The Life and Times of the ‘Jubilees’ right from their introduction in the 1930s – through to the last years of steam on BR.

Design & Development: The history behind the Class – their introduction and subsequent modifications.

The Building Programme: A look at each build of the Class and introduction into service.

The ‘Jubilees’ in Service: The Class at work on the Midland and West Coast Main Lines over Shap -on the Settle and Carlisle – and on inter regional trains to Bristol. The ‘Jubilees’ are featured on a variety of both passenger and freight.

The Final Year – 1967: Eight of the survivors hard at work in the dying days of steam on BR, including 45562 ‘Alberta’, 45565 ‘Victoria’, 45593 ‘Kolhapur’ , 45647 ‘Sturdee’, 45675 ‘Hardy’ , 45694 ‘Bellerophon’ and 45697 ‘Achilles’ .

Preservation: 45593 ‘Kolhapur’, 45596 ‘Bahamas’ and 5690 ‘Leander’ from 1968 to the present day.

Approx. 70 minutes.

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