Steam 1967 Dvd




The Last Full Year of British Railways Steam.

The North East: With steam in and around North Blyth and on the lines to the collieries around Sunderland with K1s, J27s and WDs.

Southern Steam: On the main line from Waterloo to Bournemouth with Bulleid Pacifics, Standard 4s and 5s.

Southern Railtours: The ‘Surrey Downsman’ of the 5th of March 1966.

The ‘Hampshire Branch Railtour’: With USA tanks.

A4 4498 ‘Sir Nigel Gresley’: On specials from Waterloo to Weymouth and Salisbury.

4472 ‘Flying Scotsman’: On the East Coast Main Line including ‘The Hadrian Flyer’ and the ‘Retford Rover’.

Northern Steam: With 5D Stoke Shed and Black 5s, Stanier 8Fs and Standard designs.

The Cromford & High Peak Railway: With J94s.

Steam on Tour: With ‘The Great Marquess’ and Black 5 45377 visiting the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway.

Castle on Tour: 7029 on Ian Allan Specials from Kings Cross.

The North West: With Tebay Shed and the climb to Shap with steam bankers, Britannias, Black 5s and 9Fs.

Autumn in the North East: Fairburn tank at Leeds, the last steam workings from Sunderland Shed with Q6s, J27s and WDs.

Autumn in the North West: The last weeks of steam operations on the West Coast Main line from Tebay to the summit at Shed, plus the Settle and Carlisle and the climb to Ais Gill, Kingmoor Shed with a wide variety of steam power.

The end of steam at Tebay plus Carnforth Shed.

Colour archive film.

Script and Research David Percival

Approx. 71 minutes.

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