Morris Minor DVD: Celebrating 50 Golden Years




This souvenir film commemorates the golden Jubilee of the Morris Minor and the unique appeal of one of Britain’s best-loved cars.

Labelled ‘The World’s Supreme Small Car’ in 1948, the Minor commands a unique degree of affection right across the glove.

Released to celebrate its 50th birthday in 1998, it includes previously unseen archive material which illustrates the Minor’s production process at Cowley.

Insight is provided by ex-employees who spent many happy years at ‘Morris Minor HQ’.

Other highlights include the recollections of Jack Daniels, designer Alec Issigonis’s right hand man.

A comprehensive account of the Minor’s history by Owners Club Secretary Ray Newell (and author of several books on the model) on the car’s development and a ‘test drive’ through the leafy lanes of Somerset.

You will also learn vital restoration tips, and how to adapt your Minor to the 21st century.

The climax to a year of celebration at Gaydon in September 1998, marking the Minor’s official 50th Birthday.

Highlights of the Blenheim weekend in June 1998, including interviews with Ex-employees at Nuffield.

Members of the Morris Minor Owners Club.

Professional Minor restorers, spares suppliers and overseas visitors.

Approx. 60 minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – 1st Take.