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Wings Over Filton DVD




Celebrate the rich aviation heritage of Filton airfield, near Bristol, with this souvenir dvd.

Flying machines which were designed, constructed and tested at Filton, have given the city a worldwide reputation for excellence in this field.

This documentary is a tribute to Filton’s proud aviation heritage, which is an enduring legacy of the industry’s founding father in the West Country, Sir George White.

We delve deep into the 1st Take archives to unearth footage which was seemingly lost for ever.

These treasures include recently discovered 16mm footage from a house in Filton, which provides a fascinating insight into the Bristol Freighter, a superb multi-tasking aircraft which ensured high levels of employment at the factory at the end of the Second World War.

The Bristol Fighter, which played a major role in early aerial combat during the First World War, is shown in a full colour sound film that was made in the 1960s, as a tribute to its designer Frank Barnwell.

You will also enjoy some stunning 35mm colour film of Bill Pegg, the former BAC Chief Test Pilot, who is shown taking a Britannia 100 series onto the Filton runway and into the skies for its first flight.

Furthermore, Britannia G-ANCA, which was tragically lost when it crashed in the Bristol suburb of Downend in 1957, is featured in the only known air-to-air shots of that beautiful aircraft, majestically presented in its Capital Airline livery.

In addition, there is precious footage of Concorde 002 moving for the very first time under its own power, which was filmed by a Bristol postman.

Concorde’s inaugural commercial flight from Heathrow in January 1976 is also featured, along with the newly constructed Supersonic Departure Terminal at the airport, in pictures from the original TV broadcast.

Concorde G-BOAA sits resplendent on the apron, undergoing pre-flight checks prior to her journey to Bahrain.

Other highlights include various short films from the early 1950s showcasing the Bristol Sycamore, whose vertical take-off capability helped it to become the first British-designed helicopter to serve with the Royal Air Force.

So sit back, relax and reflect on Filton’s massive Contribution to the aviation industry.

Approx. 104 minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – 1st Take.