Len Crane Dvd: A Black Country Steam Engineer




Len Crane – A Black Country Steam Engineer Dvd – The Story of Road Steam Restoration & Preservation.

This programme covers Len, Jane and friends running and showing their engines around rallies and events.

Also shows how the engines were found and restored in the first place.

Particularly their Burrell showman’s engine ‘Endurance’, which we see as a wreck when first found and then as she is today, a magnificent restoration.

Len Crane a leader in the steam restoration movement.

For almost fifty years Lean has been restoring and running road steam engines.

Whilst engineering has been in decline in this country Len has been finding and restoring traction engines, bringing back to life those wonderful examples of British engineering that had been cast aside as no longer needed.

By looking at the story of Len’s restoration of two crane engines, a Showman’s engine and a steam roller, this programmes give an idea of what it takes to get road steam engines back into use and to keep them on the road and the rally ground.

The programme follows Len from his early days engineering scale versions of engines, through his motorbike competition days through to his and Jane’s rail and steam event activity today.

It also has a look at Len’s work in restoring the big fixed engines at the Bratch Water pumping station in Wombourne.

Looking at what is involved in restoring and running road steam engines by looking at those found, acquired, restored and run over the past forty years by that notable Black Country steam engineer; Len Crane.

This covers the details of his vintage engines and what it takes to run them in the 21st Century.

As well as his early years as a British and European motorbike scrambling (Motocross) champion.

With footage from rallies and events that Len has taken his current engines to and interviews with those involved with him.

Approx. 95 minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – Avalon Video Productions.