Keighley & Worth Valley Railway DVD: 2024 Steam Gala (21-24 March)




21st – 24th March 2024

The Keighley & Worth Valley Railway, one of the very few complete branch lines in the UK, is renowned for holding its annual Steam Gala. Running over four days, the event featured nine steam locomotives hauling a mixture of goods, passenger, and express services.

Tackling the steep gradients between Keighley and Oxenhope, GWR ‘Hall’ No. 6990 ‘Witherslack Hall’ and GWR ‘Castle’ No. 4079 ‘Pendennis Castle’ visited for the event, joining the home fleet of steam locomotives, which included LMS 6P No. 45596 ‘Bahamas’.

Gala highlights and visiting locomotives: GWR ‘Hall’ No. 6990 ‘Witherslack Hall’: Built in 1948 at Swindon Works, GWR No. 6990 ‘Witherslack Hall’ hauled both passenger and freight trains on the Great Western Network until it was withdrawn from service in 1965. The locomotive was preserved in 1975 and can usually be found hauling services on the Great Central Railway.

GWR ‘Castle’ No. 4079 ‘Pendennis Castle’: GWR No. 4079 ‘Pendennis Castle’, an iconic member of the ‘Castle’ class, was constructed at Swindon Works in 1923, serving as a prestigious express locomotive on the Great Western Railway’s primary routes. After returning to steam in 2022, ‘Pendennis Castle’ became the first of its class to haul passenger services on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway.

The home fleet of locomotives… The event also featured multiple locomotives from the home fleet, including BR 2F No.52044, BR 2MT No.78022, BR 4MT No.75078, LMS 2MT No.41241, Taff O2 No.85, LNWR ‘Coal Tank’ No.1054, and LMS 6P No.45596 ‘Bahamas’.

Aerial Videography: Aerial shots are included from across the four-day event, showcasing the Worth Valley from a whole new perspective.

Footage from all four days of the event is included, featuring a wide collection of shots carefully selected from various locations along the 5-mile branch line. Trackside footage, not accessible to the general public, is incorporated throughout the product. The footage showcases a diverse range of scenes including early morning shed scenes, goods, express, passenger, and night scenes.

Locomotives featured on this product include:
– GWR No.6990 ‘Witherslack Hall’
– GWR No.4079 ‘Pendennis Castle’
– BR 2F No.52044
– BR 2MT No.78022
– BR 4MT No.75078
– LMS 2MT No.41241
– LMS 6P No.45596 ‘Bahamas’
– LNWR ‘Coal Tank’ No.1054
– Taff Vale O2 No.85

Bonus Footage: An additional viewing option is available, featuring footage filmed from various cameras placed onboard the morning Goods behind GWR No. 6990 ‘Witherslack Hall’, captured between Keighley Bridge 72 and Haworth Loop.

Product Overview: This product features NO commentary, allowing you to fully appreciate the sound of the steam locomotives working hard. Short titles are included throughout informing you of the date, locomotive and location.

Approx. 73 minutes.

This DVD is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – Steaming Around Yorkshire Film Productions – SAY.