2017 at Keighley & Worth Valley Railway Dvd




A review of 2017.

The Keighley & Worth Valley Railway, one of the very few complete branch lines in the UK has held many successful events and hauled thousands of passengers along the picturesque five mile branch line throughout 2017.

Throughout the year, the railway held many events including their famous Winter Steam Gala plus the addition of their new ‘Little Engines’ Gala, featuring a collection of freight, express and vintage services.

Winter Steam Gala – 3rd – 5th March 2017:

The Winter Steam Gala of 2017 was held during March 2017, visiting the railway was LMS ‘Crab’ No.13065 from the East Lancashire Railway, plus LNER B1 No.61264 from the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.

Over the three day event a collection of engines put on an action packed show including passenger, vintage and freight services.

‘Flying Scotsman’ Visit – 1st – 9th April 2017:

April 2017 saw the visit of LNER A3 No.60103 ‘Flying Scotsman’, hauling services with WD No.90733 over a 7 day period, the world famous engine attracted many visitors to the Worth Valley.

Whilst visiting the railway ‘Flying Scotsman’ also hauled a service to Carlisle, which marked the re-opening of the World famous Settle & Carlisle Railway.

‘Little Engines’ Gala – 7th – 9th July 2017:

New for the 2017 season, opportunities to witness the smaller engines tackle the steep gradients from Keighley to Oxenhope.

Over the three day gala, a collection of steam and diesel locomotives hauled an extensive timetable including a mixture of express, passenger and shuttle services.

Visiting for the event was LSWR ‘Beattie Well Tank’ No.30587 and 0-6-0ST Austerity No.71515.

Also hauling services over the event was Taff Vale O2 No.85, Hudswell Clarke No.1704 ‘Nunlow’, LNWR ‘Coal Tank’ No.1054, Hudswell Clarke 0-6-0 No. D2511, Class 08 993 & Class 08 266.

2017 Visiting Engines:

2017 has seen visits from LMS 5MT No.45212 and LMS 5MT No.44871. LMS 5MT No.45212 recently returned to steam in 2016 after an extensive overhaul and returned to the KWVR for the annual Winter Steam Gala.

After hauling the summer season of ‘The Jacobite’ in Fort William, LMS 5MT No.44871 arrived at the railway during October and hauled services throughout the Autumn and Winter.

Footage is included from a 30742 Photo Charter featuring LMS 5MT No.44871 hauling a rake of 4 suburban coaches, seen at various locations between Keighley and Oxenhope.

2017 Vintage Train Services:

After many years of successful running, 2017 saw the return of the popular summer ‘Vintage Train’ running dates, utilising the vintage coaches restored by the Vintage Carriage Museum and the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Trust.

Hauling services throughout the summer of 2017 was Taff Vale O2 No.85.

A wide collection of running days are featured throughout the DVD including lineside shots, an aspect not usually available to the general public.

Some of the steam engines featured on the programme include:

LMS 4F No.43924

LMS ‘Crab’ No.13065

LMS 5MT No.44871

LMS 5MT No.45212

LNER A3 No.60103 ‘Flying Scotsman’

LNER B1 No.61264

BR 4MT No.75078

BR 8F No.90733

USATC S160 No.5820

Taff Vale O2 No.85

Hudswell Clarke No.1704 ‘Nunlow’

Austerity 0-6-0ST No.71515

LSWR ‘Beattie Well Tank’ No.30587

LNWR ‘Coal Tank’ No.1054

Whilst also watching from the different viewpoints of No.4277s footplate, footage is also included from the lineside showcasing the engine from several different viewpoints during its visit, filmed between October & December 2017.

There are two viewing options to the DVD, these include:

Option 1: Sit back and watch the action from No.4277’s footplate from several different camera angles including from the lineside. This option includes short titles informing you of the gradient profile and key locations along the route.

Option 2: This option allows you to watch from the headlamp bracket at the front of the engine, unedited for the whole trip from Froghall to Ipstones.

Viewing option 1 runs for approx. 53 minutes and viewing option 2 runs for approx. 42 minutes.

On two discs.

Approx. 121 minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – Steaming Around Yorkshire Film Productions – SAY.