Glasgow Underground Dvd




The first part of this DVD features the original 1896 Glasgow Subway in the 1950s and 1970s.

By the time the subway closed for modernisation in 1977 it was a veritable working museum, with its distinctive musty smell, creaking and twisting 1896 cars built for cable operation, and difficult to find stations.

The atmosphere of the last days is well covered, including sound, with car interiors, cab rides.

The Broomloan car sheds.

Car 41 in 1896 livery and the unique car 32.

Trailer cars which retained lattice gates up until closure are also featured.

Operation of the travelling crane used to lower cars from the workshops into the tunnels is not forgotten.

With film kindly lent by Strathclyde Passenger Transport Executive the rebuilding programme is shown.

Tunnels are opened up, stations are dug out and amongst the hundreds of tons of cement arriving is seen the strange sight of St. Enoch Station high up in the air, supported by a concrete raft.

While this was going on, Glasgow’s other underground lines were being restored.

The Argyle line is seen in steam days, and then it too is re-opened.

The modernised underground, nicknamed the ‘Clockwork Orange’, which opened to the public on 16th April 1980, is covered in the second half of the programme.

Day to day operation is shown, including the control centre, depot workings and cab rides.

The new workshops at Govan are covered including cars going through the washer.

To bring the story right up to date the first of the new trailer cars is seen undergoing acceptance tests.

Approx. 80 minutes.

This new dvd is being sold with full permission of Heritage in Motion.