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Freight by Rail Dvd: The BR Era




A History of the movement of Freight on Britain’s Railways starting with Nationalisation and continuing to the formation of the Freightliner Network.

Few could have imagined the dramatic and far reaching changes that have taken place to the freight scene on Britain’s Railways since 1948.

This programme charts these changes using archive film and includes many long forgotten aspects of freight transport from colour film of the experimental ‘Roadrailer’ to steam hauled freight in the 1950s and film of marshalling yards and early freightliners.

This programme comprises:

Freight: A History of Railfreight from Nationalisation in 1948 to 1985.


Steam Hauled Freight in 1948.

The 1955 Modernisation Plan.

The New Marshalling Yards.

Trainload Working.




The end of Wagonload Working.

The Freightliner Revolution: Documenting the history of Britain’s Freightliner and Container services since their introduction in the 1960s.


The forerunners to the Freightliner system including the ‘Tartan Arrow.

The introduction of Freightliner services in 1965.

Container terminals.

The development of Freightliner services.

Freightliner traction into the 1980s and 1990s with a wide variety of motive power.

Approx. 110 minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – Transport Video Publishing (TVP).