Cromptons DVD – The Versatile Class 33s




The Class 33s are better known by their nickname ‘Cromptons’.

This programme features over two thirds of this versatile class on a wide variety of duties at locations throughout the Southern and beyond.

Green ‘Cromptons’ at Bournemouth including pioneer D6500.

33/1s on the Bournemouth to Weymouth and Waterloo to West of England push pull services.

Freight including 33/0s on Yeoman stone trains.

Network liveried 33 035 and ‘Dutch’ liveried 33 008 on engineers.

33s on Dungeness flask train.

33 047 on a mixed goods.

33 202 on a depot fuel working.

A 33/1 on tanks at Eastleigh.

33/2s on parcels duties in Kent.

Crewe to Cardiff workings in 1982.

Construction traffic for the Channel tunnel.

33 027 with ‘Eurostar’ coaches at Dover.

Cross country Portsmouth to Bristol trains.

South Western freight including Meldon Quarry ballast trains.

33/0 on RMC aggregates service.

33 011 on cement.

33 028 on MOD service.

33s in pairs on the cross channel ferry train.

Special duties including Waterloo to Exeter substitutions.

33 019 on snow plough.

33 203 on VSOE.

33 119 on Dunstable branch.

33 114 at Ashford.

33 101 at Ipswich

Repainted 33 116.

Eurostar test engine 83 301 (Ex 33 115).

Plus much more….

Approx. 60 minutes.

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