An Archive History of Great Western Steam Dvd, Part 1




Part 1: 1923 to 1963

A series produced to mark the 175th Anniversary of the GWR Great Western Railway.

The Definitive Archive History of Great Western Steam from grouping through to the preservation era using film mostly never before seen on dvd.

Volume 1 traces the development of steam on the Great Western Railway in the 1920s through to Nationalisation in the 1950s and to the decline of steam in the 1960s.


The Great Western Railway in the 1920s.

The Introduction of the Kings.

Centenary Stock.

GWR 100.

The World’s Fastest Train.


The War Years.

The Formation of British Railways.

Great Western locos produced in the BR Era with Castles, Modified Halls, Manors and Panniers.

Great Western By-Ways in the 1950s.

With the Marlow Branch.

The Lambourne Branch.

Newbury to Winchester.

Totnes to Ashburton.

Liskeard to Looe.

The Fowey branch.

Brecon and Cambrian Coast.

A journey along the Devon Coast in the early 1950s.

The Devon Banks.

Plymouth and the Saltash Bridge.

Cross country steam in Worcestershire in the early 1950s.

Steam Sheds in the 1950s.

Including Stafford Road, Cardiff Canton, Old Oak and Reading.

City of Truro.

Swindon in the 1950s.

First Castle withdrawn.

First 9400 withdrawn.

Paddington in the 1950s.

Including 6000 King George V.

The Tetbury branch dieselised.

The end of the Dukedogs.

The Last Suburban steam from Paddington.

Western Steam in 1962.

First 5205 withdrawn.

First Grange withdrawn.

Last of the Kings.

1962 last year for the West Country.

Marlow Donkey dieselised.

Dukedog arrives on the Bluebell.

South Wales Closure.

The Steam Scene in 1963.

Farewell King Railtour.

Brixham Branch closure.

Special trains in 1963.

Western steam to the South Coast.

Paddington Panniers.

Approx. 75 minutes.

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