A Life Working with Heavy Horses DVD




A Life Working With Heavy Horses – Jonathan Waterer

Shire horses are magnificent animals, a real link with our working past and these Shires can and do work for Jonathan Waterer all day, providing the pulling power for everything he does on the farm or in other tasks.

For those who like to see heavy horses at work, particularly Shires, this dvd is a must.

Jonathan and Fiona Waterer run their business ‘Simply Shires’ at Higher Beddacott farm in Devon, the Shires provide the pulling power for everything on the farm: muck spreading, harrowing, rolling, mowing, turning and ploughing.

But with a ‘wash and brush up’ those same Shires will often find themselves pulling wedding carriages or providing wagon rides around the quiet lanes of Devon.

But Higher Biddacott is not run as some sort of heritage show farm, to utilise modern farming equipment the horses provide the ‘motive’ power for a ‘fore cart’, a wheeled engine which gives the PTO capability for mowers, hay turners or balers.

The DVD runs for over an hour and a half and provides a detailed look at someone who uses Shire Horses day in day out in the 21st Century for everything they do on their farm as well as all sorts of other activities.

Whilst the horses provide the pulling power for every task, this isn’t some sort of heritage activity, by utilising a horse pulled wheeled power unit, modern equipment designed for use with tractors can be used, with the Shire horses providing the ‘motive power’.

It took some two years to film as all of the farming activities, particularly grass cutting, hay making and balling are by their very nature weather dependant.

Approx. 95 minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – Avalon Video Productions.