A Classic London Bus Dvd




A Classic London Bus Dvd, The Story of the RT Family.

RT RTL RTW SRT 1939-1979.

Assembled to mark the 25th anniversary of the last RT in public service.

Film tribute to the remarkable RT family.

A rich compilation featuring a wealth of central, country and Green Line locations.

Earliest scenes late 1940s tram and trolleybus conversions.

Glory days of the mid-1950s.

The busy 101 Green line.

Goodbye eight footers.

RTL swan-song.

Aldenham staff buses



PLA special service.

Blackwall and Rotherhithe tunnels.

Last roof box.

London Country.

The long run-down.

Scrap yard fun and games.

Final parade from Barking Depot in April 1979.

Also the family in other hands including Sri Lanka, South Africa and Scotland.

Approx. 72 minutes.

This new dvd is being sold with full permission of Heritage in Motion.