Steam over Shap and in the Cumbrian Mountains DVD




The Beauty of Steam Collection – Steam over Shap and in the Cumbrian Mountains DVD

Some of England’s finest scenery was only made accessible to the public by the introduction of the railways – nowhere more so that the famous Shap climb though the Lune Gorge and over the Cumbrian Mountains.

Equally famous, of course, is the Settle and Carlisle Railway which also climbs over the mountains in Cumberland and runs along its valleys, shaping and creating the landscape as it winds its sinuous course.

The scenery is complemented by some of the most beautiful and charismatic steam locomotives which, massive in themselves, are dwarfed by the backdrops which show their beauty to stunning effect.

This classic re-issue of footage from a DVD first released in 2018 contains superb film of steam locomotives at work – from over three decades past – in the landscapes that they helped to create …and is a stunning reminder of the lasting Beauty of Steam.

Approx. 53 minutes.

This DVD is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – Unique Productions Ltd/Unique Transport DVDs.