DRS Class 37s in Scotland Dvd




A collection of DRS Class 37 hauled trains in Scotland.

Ballast Trains, Network Rail Trains & Passenger Trains.

The Class 37 has a long association with Scotland and although the days of 37/4s working passenger and freight in the Highlands has long gone, the Class 37 story continues thanks to DRS.

With a small pool of 37s based at Carlisle, these locos have been first choice for prestigious Railtours and the Northern Belle, right down to engineers trains and flasks.

Often working in pairs the sight and sound of the Type 3 can still be heard in Scotland and this special compilation records just that.

Filmed over a five year period from 2011 to 2015 this programme showcases DRS Class 37s in Scotland at their very best.

Split into the categories of passenger trains, ballast trains, test trains, flask trains and other workings, almost all of the DRS 37 fleet is featured.

Presented in the format of minimal narration, on screen captions and maximum thrash, this is classic Tractor action in glorious Scottish scenery!

Bonus Footage 1: WCRC 37s in Scotland.

Bonus Footage 2: Bo’ness Class 37s including 37025.

Approx. 95 minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – Train Crazy – Videoscene.