Scottish Diesels Dvd: 2016 Review




Scottish Diesel Action from 2016.

2016 turned out to be an epic year for diesels in Scotland and this dvd tells the story.

From the return of 37025 to the mainline.

The introduction of Class 60s on cement trains.

Class 73s on sleeper trains.

GBRf taking over the Royal Scotsman, it really was an amazing year.

Presented in a month-by-month format our 2016 review includes:


66746 in Royal Scotsman livery.

Colas Class 60 cement trains.

60076 works the first cement train.

HST 41001 visits Bo’ness.

Freight and sleeper diversions via the GSW.

Class 66/73 combinations and pairs of 47s on sleeper trains.

Royal Scotsman liveried 66743 and 66746.

73966 on an EMU move.

31327 on the RS stock.

Delivery of the first Class 385 EMU plus various 92s, 86401 and 87002.


Footage from two West Highland tours with 37610+37409 and 37601+37612.

Action from ‘The Golden Stag’ tour.

37025s return to the mainline.

GBXV tour with Class 20s and 47739 plus 55009, 57313+57316.

Northern Belle liveried 57310+57312.

Rare Workings:

Class 73s to Oban.

47739 on sleeper trains.

66711 on the Edinburgh bins.

West Highland WCRC Class 37 Tractorfest.

68011 works a flask train.

BR Green 66779 on the RS.

37059 on the EGIP train.

Europhoenix 37884 and 20189+20205 with prototype HST 41001 and three Mk3 coaches.


Double-headed Class 37s on ballast jobs.

66s and 68s on Intermodals.

37025 and Colas liveried 37s on IM trains.

Class 56 and 60 hauled Railvac trains.

31233 the last operational Class 31 on the network.

Other stuff:

Footage from all three Bo’ness diesel galas featuring 33109, 41001, 40106, 40135, 56113 and 60056.

Class 68 hauled Fife Circle commuter trains.

Class 37s with the ‘big’ flask.

Footage of the few remaining coal trains in Scotland.

In total more than 150 different diesel locomotives plus a few electrics are featured here.

Over 14 hours of film was edited to make this programme!

Approx. 165 minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – Train Crazy – Videoscene.