Model Railways Hornby Dvd, Part 2: Baseboards, Tracklaying & Wiring


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Welcome to the second volume of the Hornby Magazine dvd.

In this informative and entertaining programme we look at the various stages of building a model railway, from the construction of the baseboards to the running of the first trains.

Together with film of two of the country’s best 4mm-gauge layouts and fascinating archive film, this dvd will guide you through the various aspects of building a railway in miniature.

Building the baseboards and track laying: This section features the construction of a layout in the confines of a loft, as limited space is a problem faced by many modellers, with a loft or small bedroom often the only space available.

Construction of the baseboards: Using simple techniques and easy to obtain materials highlights what can be achieved in a limited space, followed by a series of easy-to-follow steps showing the basics of tracklaying.

Wiring the layout and ballasting: Layout wiring is often looked upon as a formidable challenge, but we show you just how simple it can be to wire both trackwork and point motors.

Following on from wiring the layout is a section on how to ballast the track, a task made easy using a simple, but highly effective, ballast spreader.

DCC Overview: A major decision is often whether to use DCC to operate a layout.

With its potential to revolutionise the experience of operating a model railway, DCC was chosen as the form of control allowing, not only the control of several locomotives simultaneously, but also making it possible to take full advantage of the increasing range of integral locomotive sound units and lighting.

Layout Focus: Created by Shipley Model Railway Society, the superb ‘Leicester South’ captures the atmosphere of the former Great Central Railway’s route through Leicester in the late 1950s and early 1960s when steam reigned supreme!

Another layout based at Shipley Model Railway Society is the award-winning 4mm-scale ‘EM’ gauge layout, ‘Hungerford’, which features the Berkshire town’s station in the 1930s – a period which for many was the ‘Golden Age’ of the Great Western Railway.

Approx. 80 mins.

This dvd is being sold on behalf and with full permission of the copyright holder – Cinerail 2009.