Crewe Basford Hall Dvd: 1994 Railfair


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This programme features Crewe Diesel Depot and Basford Hall Yard in 1994, with freight workings to and from the extensive yards powered by a wide variety of diesel and electric traction.

Basford Hall Yard was a scene of almost constant activity, particularly at night, and dramatic views of floodlit workings reveal a rarely-filmed aspect of rail activity.

Serving the yard was Crewe Diesel Depot, which was home to large numbers of locomotives.

In addition to the lines of locos stabled in the yard, film taken inside the depot shows several types of diesel locomotives under repair.

Crewe Basford Hall Railfair was one of the largest events of its kind to be held in the 1990s, with over sixty locomotives arranged for display in the sidings.

The programme records the official opening of the event, detailed views of the many locomotives on display, naming ceremonies and film of special workings at Crewe Station.

1994 was a milestone in British railway history.

It was the year when British Rail was swept away by the tide of privatisation and many of the scenes recorded in this programme are a poignant reminder of a bygone era.

Approx. 60 mins.

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