BOOK: The Barry Scrapyard Story: Inc. The Barry List 11th Edition




New edition of this popular book which has been updated to April 2017 to include all the latest steamings and movements of Barry locomotives.

Full background to the town of Barry and how the docks developed into one of the biggest coal exporting ports in the UK, which in turn became the home of Woodham Brothers scrapyard and the 213 locomotives that were eventually to be rescued for preservation.

The Barry List is the main ‘bible’ for the preservation movement in the history of the locomotives brought from the yard.

Edited by Roger Hardingham from Issue number one, the 11th edition gives the full current list of engines that have been steamed and their locations.

Introduction by Roger Hardingham:

The fascination which Barry and its steam locomotives has held for railway enthusiasts in recent years needs no emphasising by us.

The first edition of the book was published in 1982 in a much smaller paperback.

This edition is published some thirty years later and includes the 11th Edition of the Barry List, so the complete story is now available for the first time on publication.

There are no more locomotives waiting for rescue in the yards with all 213 now in private hands, following the final departure of ex-GWR small prairie tank No. 5553 in January 1990 – a remarkable achievement.

Our purpose in writing this book has been to trace the historical background to the dock and railway systems of Barry and to outline how they came to be used for disposal of redundant steam locomotives.

In presenting this book to its readers we hope that some of the interesting personalities and events which make up the railway history of Barry will be brought to the knowledge of a wider circle of railway enthusiasts.

We hope also that it will be found informative on what is, after all, a unique phenomenon in railway history.

96 Pages.

Black & White Photographs.


Martin Beckett & Roger Hardingham.

Published by Kingfisher Productions.