A Decade of Steam Hauled Freight DVD




The 20th Century saw a great deal of freight trains move around the UK, moving all types of goods, ranging from coal to parcels. Today, commercial steam powered freight services have long gone, but many UK heritage railways still run demonstration freight services as side attractions at some of their events.

From the industrial collieries to the recreation of mainline freight trains at the Great Central Railway, this DVD includes over five hours of steam hauled freight action, at standard gauge railways across the UK. A variety of steam locomotives are featured, from the small industrial tanks to the larger goods locomotives, seen hauling parcel, mineral, hopper wagons and much more.

This DVD includes over 100 steam locomotives; playback is split by year with titles outlining the railway, locomotive and location.

Industrial Steam: Several industrial railways are included on the DVD including the Bowes Railway, Chasewater Railway, Foxfield Railway, Middleton Railway, Pontypool & Blaenavon Railway and the Tanfield Railway.

Recreation of Mainline Steam: The Great Central Railway is home to the UK’s only double track, mainline heritage railway. The railway has a wide collection of freight wagons, including mineral wagons, Travelling Post Office trains (TPO) and others, all of which are featured over the last 10 years.

Other Railways: A collection of other railways are featured across the four discs, including the Churnet Valley Railway, East Lancashire Railway, Keighley & Worth Valley Railway, Nene Valley Railway, North Norfolk Railway, North Yorkshire Moors Railway, Severn Valley Railway and West Somerset Railway.

Locomotives featured on this product: Over 100 steam locomotives are included across the 4-discs, some of which include:

  • LNER A1 No.60163 ‘Tornado’
  • LNER B1 No.61306
  • LNER B1 No.61264
  • LNER B12 No.8572
  • LNER D49 No.62712 ‘Morayshire’
  • LNER J72 No.69023 ‘Joem’
  • LNER K4 No.61994 ‘The Great Marquess’
  • LNER N7 No.69621
  • LNER Q6 No.63395
  • LNER Y7 No.1310
  • LMS 2MT No.46443
  • LMS 3F No.47324
  • LMS 3F No.47406
  • LMS 4F No.43924
  • LMS 5MT No.44767 ‘George Stephenson’
  • LMS 5MT No.45212
  • LMS 7F No.53808
  • LMS 8F No.8624
  • LMS 8P No.46233 ‘Duchess Of Sutherland’
  • GWR 14xx No.1450
  • GWR 28xx No.2807
  • GWR 28xx No.2857
  • GWR 38xx No.3850
  • GWR 78xx No.7802 ‘Bradley Manor’
  • GWR 78xx No.7820 ‘Dinmore Manor’
  • 0-6-0ST ‘Renishaw Ironworks No.6’
  • 0-6-0T No.32 ‘Gothernburg’
  • 0-6-0ST No.1210 ‘Sir Berkeley’
  • 0-6-0ST Austerity NCB No.49
  • 0-6-0ST Austerity No.69 ‘Norman’
  • 0-6-0ST Austerity No.7 ‘Wimblebury’
  • 0-6-0ST Austerity ‘Whiston’
  • 0-6-0ST No.1919 ‘Cranford’

Product Overview: This DVD features no commentary, allowing you to fully appreciate the sound of the steam locomotives working hard. Short titles are included throughout informing you of the railway name, locomotive and location.

Four Discs.

Approx. 327 minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – Steaming Around Yorkshire Film Productions – SAY.