Voices from the Battle of Britain DVD




In the summer of 1940, the fate of Britain hung in the balance, as across the English Channel one of the mightiest armies in history prepared to invade.

With lightning speed and military brilliance Nazi Germany had already conquered all before them.

However, Hitler would suffer his first defeat in a desperate struggle which took place in the sky over southern England that became known as ‘The Battle of Britain’.

Based on the book of the same title by best-selling author Henry Buckton, this film is based on a fascinating series of interviews with a wide variety of people who played a vital role in Britain’s ‘finest hour’.

Included are the captivating accounts of six fighter pilots who risked their lives day after day to combat the Luftwaffe, which was at that time greatly more experienced in aerial warfare.

Their memories are enhanced by the recollections of:

A gunner.

Two members of the 400,000-strong ground crew who kept as many aircraft flying as possible.

A barrage balloon operator.

Plus the men who helped to build Spitfires.

Illustrated by a wealth of archive film, rare photographs and evocative location filming at sites key to the battle, this is a fitting tribute to those fiercely patriotic yet utterly modest heroes who saved our green and pleasant land from invasion.

Approx. 97 minutes.

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