Tribute to the DMUs Dvd




A profile of British Railways first generation DMUs.

Class 115 Suburban units on the Marylebone Line.

Class 117 3 Car Suburban units on services to Paddington.

Class 121 single car units on various duties on the Western Region.

Class 104 BRCW units on Western and Midland Regions.

Class 101 Metro Cammel Units throughout the network.

Class 105 and 106 Cravens Units.

Class 108 Derby Units on the Cumbrian Coast Route.

Class 116 Derby 3 car units in South Wales.

Plus First Generation units – the end of an era.

Plus DMU update from the 1990.

DMUs during their last years of operation, including:

Class 101s in the North West and in North Wales.

Gospel Oak to Barking services

Class 121s on the Sudbury branch 50th anniversary of the introduction of DMUs.

Approx. 80 minutes.

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