Transition to TOPS Dvd




Diesel and electric traction scene during the period 1971 to 1975.

The years after the end of steam traction are particularly fascinating.

Corporate blue was now dominant and starting with some electric locomotive classes in November 1971, the entire traction fleet was renumbered; a process which took four years to complete.

Then came another change in appearance, when the practice of displaying headcodes on diesel and electric locomotives was ended.

In this programme we’ll explore the network in the early 1970s and this period of transition for the motive power fleet.


London Termini in 1971: Electrics at Euston. Warships at Waterloo. Kings Cross with Brush Type 2s and Deltics. St Pancras. Paddington with ‘Westerns’. The ‘Blue Pullman’. Class 47s and 31s.

The Western Main Line in 1972: With ‘Westerns’. Warships and Hymeks. Plus Class 50s and 47s on a variety of traffic. Western Region diesel-hydraulics. A ‘Warship’ and ‘Hymeks’ in their final days. None of the Hydraulics ever received TOPS numbers.

Reading in 1975: With ‘Westerns’, Class 50s and 47.

From Reading to the Midlands: Banbury, Hatton and the line through Stratford Upon Avon in 1974. Featuring freight and passenger workings with Class 20s, 25s, 31s, 47s and DMUs.

Swindon in 1974: With Westerns and Class 47s.

Bristol: Traffic on Temple Meads. In and out of the diesel depot including Westerns, Class 50s and ‘Peaks’.

Cross-Country Traffic: Through Cheltenham and north to Birmingham featuring Peaks.

To the South-West: Including Westerns at Paignton.

South Wales in 1975: With Class 37s and a Western.

Birmingham in 1974: With Class 85 and 85 electrics and the first Class 87s.

East Coast Main Line in 1974: York with Deltics and the main line over Stoke Bank to Essendine with Deltics, Class 47s, 31s, 25s and 40s.

East Coast Modernisation: Deltics and Class 31s on freight through the London Suburbs to Knebworth and Hitchin.

Birmingham 1975: Class 37, 45, 25 and ‘Western’ power.

Hatton Bank in 1975: With a variety of freight and passenger.

Westerns: ‘The Western Enterprise’ of April 1975 on the Lickey Incline and through the Midlands.

The Royal Train: 40-019 and 40-025 with the 1975 rake of stock.

The Western Region: In 1974 with wagonload freight, Class 47, Peaks and Westerns.

The West Country: In 1974 with Peaks and Westerns on the line through Dawlish.

Colour with full commentary.

Approx. 60 minutes.

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