Ivo Peters Volume 8 DVD: Steam in 1962




Ivo Peters His Films Revisited Collection. 

1962 was the last year before Dr Beeching changed the face of British Railways forever – but it was still a year of contrasts.

Ivo Peter’s 16mm colour film record of the changing times of the railways starts with a tour of the public industries of the Birmingham area, which boasted a wide variety of fascinating, and often immaculate, small tank engines, working in classic industrial settings.

Steam, however, is fun!

Who else but Teddy Boston would do his shopping by steam roller?! A unique film of a unique man. One of Ivo’s favourite films.

On BR Ivo filmed the last of the Great Western’s small Saddle Tank Dock shunters, visited Swindon with the Lord Nelson and recorded the complex workings around Yeovil Town amongst others.

The saddest point of the programme appropriately ends it: the very last Pines Express on the Somerset & Dorset Railway with Evening Star.

Brief summary of contents:

Nechell’s Electricity Generating Station.

Windsor Street Gasworks.

Littleton Colliery.

Coppice Colliery.

Walsall Wood Colliery.

Cannock Wood Colliery.

Grove Colliery.

Stewarts & Lloyds, Bilston – Steel Works.

Bass Worthington – the annual visit.

The Shopping Trip – Teddy Boston, Aveling & Porter steamroller.

Churchward Dock Tank.

Bath and District.

Swindon Works.

Coaley Junction.

East Devon.

Well Tank at Salisbury.

The Last Pines – No 92220 ‘Evening Star’.

Approx. 50 minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – Julian Peters.