Ivo Peters Volume 6 DVD: Ironstone Lines of the East Midlands




Ivo Peters His Films Revisited Collection. 

A fresh look at Ivo Peters’ film which formed Volume 6 in the VHS video series ‘The Ivo Peters Collection’.

Ivo Peters’ love of railways was widespread.

This is the first of Ivo Peters’ programmes devoted to a little known area of Great Britain’s railways – the Ironstone Lines of the East Midlands.

Covering an area from Oxfordshire in the west to Lincolnshire in the east, the Ironstone Lines had a charm all of their own, known only to a few.

They exhibited great variety, from the narrow gauge at Kettering to the standard gauge at Wroxton (sometimes known simply as “O.I.”) – which also boasted double track, signals and signal boxes.

Ivo Peters’ superb films can now let us all experience the charm of the Ironstone Lines, a vanished era of Britain’s industrial heritage.

Lines covered in this volume are:

Storefield: Durham Steel & Iron Company, Kettering

Charwelton: Park Gate Iron & Steel Company, Charlwelton

Byfield: Byfield Ironstone Company Ltd, Woodford Halse

Wroxton: Oxfordshire Ironstone Company (“O.I”), Banbury

Pitsford: Staveley Coal & Iron Company Ltd, Northampton

Lamport & Scaldwell: Staveley Minerals Ltd, Northampton

Wellingborough: Steward & Lloyds Minerals Ltd, Wellingborough

Kettering: Kettering Coal & Iron Company Ltd, Kettering

Cranford: Cranford Ironstone Company Ltd, Cranford

The period covered is from 1961 to 1969.

Not only did he cover the famous main lines and well-known minor railways in his 16mm colour cine film collection, but he delved into the realms of industrial steam, where fascinating small (and large) engines performed the vital tasks of British industry.

Probably one of the least known areas was that of the Ironstone districts where some of the most delightful and attractive industrial railways in the whole country ran along the edges of fields, through small woods and the heart of the countryside to connecting lines with British Railways.

This is the first visit to the Ironstone Lines in the Ivo Peters Collection, full details of lines features and their locations are printed on the reverse of the DVD cover.

More industrial railways will be seen in future volumes.

Approx. 87 minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – Julian Peters.