Steam in the East Dvd: Main Line & Narrow Gauge in East Germany & Poland




The Steam Highways and By-ways of East Germany and Poland, from the main line to the Narrow Gauge networks.

A Graveyard of Steam: From working steam in the 1980s to the ‘Barry Scrapyard’ of East Germany.

Main Line Steam: A steam special of 2011 and scenes of mainline and passenger freight in the early 1980s.

East German Narow Gauge By-ways: Archive film of East German Steam in the 1980s.

Including Mallet hauled freight on the Ochatz to Mugeln and Kemmlitz.

The Freital Hainsberg to Dippoldiswalde line in 2011 in the suburbs of Dresden.

German Pacifics: 03 Pacifics in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Plus an un-rebuilt 01 Pacific at Saalfeld in 1979.

War Locomotives: 2-10-0 Kreislocks at work in the early 1980s.

Plus mainline operations in 2011.

Including dramatic ‘parallel’ on the line from Lobau.

By Steam to the Brocken: Dramatic scenes of the large 2-10-0 tanks on the formidable grades climbing from Wernigerode to the famous mountain summit at Brocken in the Hartz Mountains.

Includes snow and steam on this well-known line.

Plus archive from the 1970s.

Narrow Gauge Junction: Narrow Gauge Steam at the junction at Bertsdorf on the line from Zittau.

Polish Main Line Steam: Archive film from the early 1980s.

Plus film of steam on the lines from Wolstyn in 2011.

The Polish Narrow Gauge: By-ways of Polish narrow gauge steam in 2011.

Night Steam: Main Line steam in Poland in the depths of winter during 2011.

Approx. 83 minutes.

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