Settle-Carlisle Revival DVD: Back in Business!




Back in Business!

The full story behind the task to re-open the railway following the flooding and landslip at Eden Brows in 2016.

Aerial footage of the works to rebuild the section of railway plus the re-opening special by Flying Scotsman.

Extensive coverage of Tornado’s ‘plandampf’ trains run to promote the new season of 2017 and up-to-date footage of freight flows and passenger services, including steam charters.

Britain’s favourite and most scenic railway – the Settle to Carlisle line (S&C) – was severely disrupted in early 2016 when flooding caused by Storm Desmond hit the whole northern area of Cumbria.

So much rain fell that the river Eden became unmanageable and with the railway just sixty meters above, the embankment slipped towards the river.

500,000 tons of loose material was on the move and the railway had to close until a solution was found.

This programme looks at the effort to solve the crisis through film taken from the area by Network Rail and the contractors.

We see the devastation the floods caused and the repairs carried out to stabilise the trackbed once more so that trains could resume.

The whole task took over a year to complete.

We see the triumphant re-opening train hauled by Flying Scotsman on 31st March 2017.

We also review the milestones achieved on the Settle-Carlisle since its reprieve from possible closure in 1989.

Films of works taking place to renovate stations, renew track, new train services including loco-hauled experiments and new freight flows.

We see up-to-date steam-hauled charter trains which now form a major part of the line’s activities.

A detailed review of the Northern Rail timetabled steam trains in February 2017 hauled by the UK’s newest locomotive, No. 60163 Tornado which highlighted the railway to the nation prior to the line re-opening again.

Approx. 50 minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – Kingfisher Productions.