Riding the Carlisle Log Train Dvd




Running with the headcode of 6J37, the afternoon timber train that runs from Carlisle to Chirk is one of the best known freight flows in the UK today.

Operated by Colas Rail and initially hauled by Virgin Trains’ Class 57/3s and then DRS Class 57/0s, the train was routed via the West Coast Main Line.

Today, it is worked by Colas-owned Class 66/8s and runs via the Settle and Carlisle line.

Filmed with the full assistance of Colas, this cab ride starts at Carlisle Yard and continues through to Warrington, filmed on a fine sunny September day.

The loco was 66848.

With a journey time of four hours this programme is available as a double-disc DVD and includes all of the scenic sections and viaducts on the S&C with live cab sounds, part-narration and on-screen captions.

For the first time ever…

See the S & C in full 16:9 widescreen!

Produced by – Train Crazy.

Approx. 240 minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – Train Crazy – Videoscene.