Railscene Magazine 20 DVD: Autumn 1989





Opening Scene: 5407 lifts a NWCE out of Holyhead on 26 August 1989.

North Wales Steam: Our definitive coverage of 6201, 5407, 34027 and 35028 at work during the summer of 1989. Features include all four engines at the Crewe Heritage Centre, 6201s departure from Crewe, Beeston Castle, Chester, Chester Arches, along the Dee Estuary, a spectacular express at Mostyn, the Junction and branch at Llandudno, Conway, the coast at Penmanmawr, Bangor, the Brittania Bridge, Gaerwen, Bodorgan, the triangle at Valley and finally 6201 at Holyhead.

Archive Film: Our extracts from Cam Camwell’s collection starts with 46201 at Carlisle, with Black 5s, a Jubilee, Jinties, Fairburns, 4Fs on Ribblehead, Ais Gill, Appleby, Warcop, the North East with WD 2-8-0s, J27, Q6, K1, etc and a branch visit to the Dean Forest, at Tufts Junction, Parkend and Coleford Junction, etc.

Forest Freight: The Dean Forest today, with a look to the future, consists of a steam-hauled freight from Norchard to Parkend.

Preservation News: 53807 on the WSR, 4566 on the Caley, action on the North Norfolk with 69023, the 27 and a German railbus, the Caley 0-4-4T to Birkhill in Scotland, an O2 and AIX on the Isle of Wight, Progress on the Tanfield.

The Sittingbourne & Kemsley Railway: Three beautiful narrow gauge industrial tanks at work alongside Bowater’s works in North Kent.

Main Line Steam News: Chesham 100 with No 1 ‘Sarah’ and 9466 on LT metals, Bahamas at Agecroft and on the S&C, Green Arrow at Ais Gill, The Great Marquess at Mouldsworth, Sheriff’s Brow, Glenfinnan, Whalley and Shrewsbury, Taw Valley at Crewe Gresty Lane and Clan Line in the Stroud Valley and leaving Marylebone.

Cab Ride – Carlisle to Newcastle: Aboard Provincial’s ‘Tyne Trader’ over this superb route, which includes semaphores, crossing gates and Pacers, 47s and freights.

Return to the Low Country: 27000 Electra went back to her adoptive home in the summer 1989 and we see her together with her sister 1501 and other NS 150 exhibits including steam at Utrecht and in action at Hock van Holland, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and so on.

Railway Technical Centre, Derby – Part 1: An introduction to the work of the Railway Technical Centre at Derby with the Dynamometer House, the Track Testing Laboratory, the EDU workshops, with the NSE Snowblower, the second Mark 4 DVT, RTC 47s and a great variety of stock.

BR Today – The Medway Valley: The subject of a second modernisation, this Kentish byway still sports beautiful semaphores and crossing gates. CEPs, EPBs, a 56, 73s and a 47 are seen in September 1989.

BR Newslines: Summer Specials at Festiniog and Stanhope, orange DMUs and Sprinter in Scotland, three-car 156s on the West Highland, Chipman’s weedkillers, 59005 in Kent, ‘new’ IOW units, ‘84009’, 91050 and 31461 at York, the first 91/Mark 4 train, a 442 off and on the road, 50025 (RIP), 50019 at Severn Tunnel Junction on an HST!

Cover Photo: Lord Linsey’s Gresley K4 3442 back ‘at home’ near Glen Finnan on the West Highland on 20 July 1989 – a scene from our Main Line News feature.

Approximately 120 minutes.