Railscene Magazine 11 DVD: Spring 1987





Diesels in Decline: Class 25s seen working in March 1987 (when they were withdrawn) in the North West and along the North Wales Coast, Class 27s on freight and passenger workings.

Cab Ride – Crewe to Holyhead: The driver’s view from 47476 from Crewe to Holyhead. Much requested, this line features much semaphore signalling and spectacular views along the North West Coast (a full length version – 135 minutes long – is also available Cab Ride No.13).

Modern Archive: Railfreight in Cornwall. The South-West corner of Britain still has many fascinating railway features and we see freight (and passenger) on all the Cornish branches which remain.

Weekend in Ireland: The Lough Gill Railtour – The RPSI’s celebrated three day tour over main lines on 9th, 10th and 11th May 1987 featuring No 85 and No 171 – the latter looking like many pre-grouping British 4-4-0s.

‘Cam’ in Ireland: Complimentary to the above, Cam Camwell’s Irish footage includes County Donegal narrow gauge in colour.

Preservation – The Bluebell Railway: At last, we cover the first large standard gauge preserved railway! Featuring ten pre-grouping locomotives and vintage rolling stock, this has one of the widest varieties of workings yet.

Portuguese Broad Gauge: The LCGBs railtour to cover last European steam workings.

News: Steam main line workings include Kolhapur at Buxton and on S&C, 4472 on S&C, at Sellafield and Manchester, 34092 on SSE, Mallard on SSE, 4498 at Selby, 5305 to Scotland, 5051’s last run, 7029 and 6000 at Swindon, Princess to Shrewsbury, 7819 and 75069 on the Cambrian. We visit the opening of the Stephenson Railway Museum, see an ‘express’ Jinty and welcome an M7 home. 89001 is seen in close up and on the main line and other BR news includes Inter City 21 celebrations, three 20s to Brighton, a 56 in Sussex, D200, Corby reopening, S&C diversions, 55, 52, 44 and 20 on the Severn Valley, Ashington and Bramley last rites.

Cover Photo: 7814 Fringford Manor in the Dovey Valley with the up Cambrian Coast Express, leading vehicle of which is the ‘Autobar’, the very first self-catering vehicle to run on British Rail in May 1963.

Approximately 120 minutes.